Fat acceptance, size acceptance, and plus size public figures are on the rise. Fad diets and the diet industry in general, doesn’t seem to be stopping its growth either. So with these two growing yet differing industries coming head-to-head, what happens when a fat person who once stood for body love decides to lose weight for health reasons or otherwise. Does it have to be a choice? Can you lose weight and still love your body? In fact, can a person who is plus size in the public figure who once stood for fat acceptance choose now to lose weight without getting shamed from the one side of the industry who once cheered her on? This book explores that and the story of Rene Couret who once lost 100 pounds in order to become a model, then became a plus size model and gained most of her weight back. Rene became a personal trainer and size acceptance activist but believes that it is good for plus size individuals to work on their fitness and health as well as having a goal to lose weight as long as it is for the right reasons. In this book, Rene gives suggestions on how to feel better and be more confident, which in turn may help you lose some weight naturally while still accepting yourself and loving your body along the way. Self-love is the most important love of all.


fat or fad book by rene couret