Rene Couret

Author, Spiritual Counseling, Healing Chef, Model and Theatre Artist.

Rene Couret Author | Spiritual Counseling | Healing Chef | Model and Theatre Artist
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Healing Chef Rene Couret

Chef Rene is a peaceful and loving energy infused plant based and raw foods catering, meal prep, personal chef & pop up eatery. When you have raw vegan dreams and still want a little warm nourishment to soothe your soul.

Writer and Author

how to recognize your bullshit by rene couret
fat or fad book by rene couret
rene's raw vegan dreams book by rene couret

Are you tired of bullsh*tting yourself and limiting your own potential while having huge expectations of everyone else? Do you want to grab your life by the horns and stop waiting for life to teach you the hard way before you learn what it is you are being called to do? While the title of this book may sound harsh, this is an inspirational, spiritual, and personal story that is meant to shake you up and realize how amazing your life can be when you remove the layers of bullshit that have been holding you back.

Fat acceptance, size acceptance, and plus size public figures are on the rise. Fad diets and the diet industry in general, doesn’t seem to be stopping its growth either. So with these two growing yet differing industries coming head-to-head, what happens when a fat person who once stood for body love decides to lose weight for health reasons or otherwise. Does it have to be a choice? Can you lose weight and still love your body?

In this book, “Raw Vegan Dreams – How to Recognize Your Bullsh*t Foods, Get in Shape, and be Healthy For Life”, I share my journey having lost 100lbs twice and finally keeping it off by eating a plant based and high raw diet. How the first step to recognizing and creating a solution to other areas of bullsh*t in your life starts with the food you put into your body and recognizing which foods harm you. This book also gives examples of how even when in a crisis, broke, or homeless, you can heal with plant foods.

Spiritual Counseling Rene Couret

Interfaith Spiritual Practitioner

Rene Couret is an Interfaith Spiritual Practitioner who has lived experience in trauma, crisis, recovery, homeless, and ministering in the Queer, Trans, and marginalized communities. She is also a Certified Peer Support Specialist in NC, a plant based chef/healer, and author/motivational speaker/ coach.
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Model and Theatre Artist

Model and Theater Artist Rene Couret




Rene Couret has 12 years of performing arts experience.  She is a theatre professional, having received an Associate of Arts degree with honors in  Musical Theatre from San Diego City College and going on to perform Off-off-broadway in New York City. 

She took a different course and started directing and producing theatre productions, studying under Cornell Gabara at University of Toledo, and she is currently working on writing a play based on the book Blue Tights by Rita Williams-Garcia.

Click here to view the performing arts resume of Rene Couret.

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